Description: Mousinity creates an infinity effect for your cursor when it reaches the edges of your screen. For example if you go to the top of your screen, your mouse will appear on the bottom, right-to-left, etc. This is especially useful for large screens.

Note that the program has no icon or taskbar item so when you want to close the application, run Mousinity again and select ‘yes’.

How to Install?

Download: Mousinity
Version: V1.2.2.6
License: Freeware (personal use only)
Requirements: Window XP above.
Portable: Yes (Stealth)

Download: Mousinity (beta)
Version: V1.3.8.11 (beta)


Mousinity GUI

- ADDED: Automatically convert the INI file if currently not unicode.
- ADDED: Greek language. (Thanks
- IMPROVED: Installer, now Mousinity comes with an installer to either install or use as a portable application.
- IMPROVED: Language functions and detection of the operating system language for the new addition.
- IMPROVED: Now Windows handles the memory management of Mousinity.
- IMPROVED: Overall memory consumption and CPU usage.